Raab: UK must be prepared to walk away with No Deal

Former Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab has set out this morning how the UK must be “much firmer and more resolute” in negotiations with the European Union, whilst ultimately being prepared to leave with No Deal.

Speaking to Sky News this morning he pointed out that the Dominic Grieve amendment to hand MPs control of Brexit if Theresa May’s deal is rejected is “not legally binding” and that the only way Brexit could be stopped would be “legislation or lack of will from Number 10 Downing Street”.

Raab, who has said that he will vote against the deal, said: “If Parliament turns this down deal we shouldn’t flounce off, we should go back and make a reasonable, final best offer to Brussels but ultimately we do need to be willing to walk away.”

He pointed out how ultimately that is “the only way in any negotiation you get sensible terms”. Quite right.

“I would like us to get a deal but we’re gonna have to be much tougher with Brussels, much firmer and more resolute if we’re going to get them to take us more seriously.” Hard to see that happening whilst the current Prime Minister remains in place.

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