Raab: No Deal still better than a bad EU deal

Former Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab has stood up for the pro-Leave majority this morning, insisting that an EU exit on WTO terms is still better than a bad deal and hitting back against any attempt to delay Brexit.

Speaking to Sophy Ridge on Sky News, Raab hit out at the “total intransigence from the EU” during the negotiations and said that if the UK did leave with No Deal “we would be able to manage the risks and that would free us to grasp the opportunities”.

He pointed out that any delay beyond 29th March “will embolden” those who seek to “frustrate Brexit” and insisted that politicians “should keep our promises on this. We’ve legislated so the default position is that we leave on 29th March preferably with a deal if not on WTO terms.

“We should keep the promise that every Conservative made in the manifesto: that No Deal was better than a bad deal.”

With growing support for a No Deal Brexit rising across the country, let’s see how many other MPs are willing to respect the wishes of 17.4 million Leave voters who now want to see Brexit delivered on time, deal or No Deal.