Raab: No Deal means no £40 billion Brexit bill

Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab has laid out the advantages of exiting the European Union even without a deal – including the saving of the £40 billion Brexit bill that Brussels have demanded for an agreement.

Raab as has warned that No Deal would mean “risks and some short-term disruption” but also wrote in The Telegraph that: “We could negotiate and bring into force new free-trade deals straight away.

“We would see the immediate return of full legislative and regulatory control – including over immigration.

“And the government would not pay the terms of the financial settlement, as agreed with the EU as part of the Withdrawal Agreement. There’s No Deal without the whole deal.”

It is a timely reminder that with out without an EU deal, there are huge Brexit benefits for Britain lying ahead.

The British public now want the government to deliver. Time to get on with it, deal or no deal.