Raab: How UK can take back control with No Deal Brexit

Former Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab has laid out how the UK can manage – and thrive – under a No Deal Brexit. Good to see at least one Conservative MP keen to seize the advantages of becoming a truly independent nation!

In a blistering article for The Telegraph, Raab points out that in contrast to the scare stories, French officials have said checks would take two minutes per lorry and not the ten that the UK civil service have speculated about. Project Fear is alive and well in the heart of Westminster.

Raab also points out that Xavier Bertrand, President of the French region that includes Calais, has previously spoken of how his side would want to minimise any disruption.

As Westmonster reported, Bertrand said: “No! Closing the port or the tunnel of Calais to the British in case of Brexit without agreement is not envisaged!

“Who can believe such a thing? We must do everything to ensure fluidity.”

Raab has some additional sensible suggestions for a No Deal outcome:

  • “Work with operators and port authorities” to “divert supply routes via Belgium and the Netherlands”.
  • “Tariff liberalisation to protect UK consumers” if the EU did decide to apply tariffs on UK exports and “take immediate advantage of the opportunity to reduce the price of goods from the rest of the world”.
  • Help businesses most at risk from a WTO Brexit, including ‘just in time’ manufacturers, by cutting business taxes using some of the £39 billion ear-marked for the EU that will have been saved.

As he points out, such a clean break with the European Union would allow the British government to “focus on the aspirational post-Brexit vision all Conservatives want to deliver” giving the UK “full and immediate control over our laws and borders, and the freedom to bring into force free trade deals straight away”.

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From that position the government could then negotiate a “best-in-class free trade agreement” but on the UK’s terms, not on the EU’s stop watch with them calling the shots.

A shame that Dominic Raab isn’t in government anymore. With the country having finally ramped up for No Deal, let’s hope Theresa May and those around here will take heed of his advice as Brexit Britain prepares for independence on 29th March 2019.