Push to replace British MEPs with EU MEPs

Pro-EU forces are trying to find any advantage they can as Britain quits the failing bloc. Now they’re trying to decide how to carve up the 73 European Parliament seats occupied by British politicians.

Europhiles are attempting to resurrect an old idea as they push for pan-European representatives – a suggestion first put forward in 2011 when it was attacked for being too integrationist.

Establishment French Presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron is also in favour of the idea.

Criticism of the plan has been resurrected now with Portuguese MEP Paulo Rangel saying that “the mood is not very pro-European” and the suggestion would be seen to “create more Eurocracy”.

Another MEP pointed out that “electing MEPs without roots, without any marked out territory, would be contrary to our efforts to get citizens closer to European lawmakers”.

Pushing for politicians to ‘represent’ hundreds of millions of people is typical of the clueless brand of ideas that govern pro-EU elites.

The EU isn’t and will never be a country guys, as much as you refuse to admit it!