Public prefer No Deal to May's Deal, poll finds

No Deal is better than a bad deal, Theresa May used to say. And the British public agree. Problem is, they regard what she’s putting on the table as inferior to taking back control with a World Trade, No Deal Brexit according to the latest Survation poll.

Despite the Daily Mail’s pro-May spin today, they themselves admit that: “Asked to choose between Mrs. May’s plan and leaving the EU with No Deal, voters opt for No Deal by 41% to 35%”. It doesn’t exactly feature prominently in their coverage however.

Among Leave voters, 60% prefer No Deal to the May plan, with only a third (33%) supporting the government’s EU agreement instead when presented with the choice.

Despite the ridiculous doom-mongering from Philip Hammond and others, the prospect of a clean, proper Brexit that delivers independence ASAP has support across the country.

Project Fear has hit another sticky wicket. The public aren’t buying it.