Proposed new EU Commission President 'doesn't see problem with another Brexit delay'

The candidate put forward to become the new EU Commission President, Ursula von der Leyen, is reportedly open to yet another Brexit delay.

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That’s according to former pro-EU MP Denis Macshane who has revealed a conversation he has had with von der Leyen, saying: “When we spoke last month I told her Boris Johnson would be Prime Minister but the Commons was unlikely to vote for a No Deal, or vote for May’s unworkable deal and that MPs of all parties were hostile to a new election.”

He added that: “Therefore, I argued, that once the dust settles on the UK’s Prime Minister leadership election, the impossibility of a crash out of Europe on 31st October would become self-evident.

“She did not see any problems with an extension after 31 October.”

Though this is far from confirmed, The Parliament EU magazine are reporting it and the topic will likely become discussed more and more as the October deadline approaches.

Will Boris Johnson deliver? Referring to his vote in the Tory leadership ballot, today he has once again pushed his commitment to deliver Brexit in a few months time: “This morning I voted to deliver Brexit by October 31st, unite our country and defeat Jeremy Corbyn. I’m asking all Conservative Party members across the country to use their vote to do the same.”

Will the next Prime Minister deliver or are we about to see yet another Article 50 extension?