Proportion of Brits filling new jobs has surged since 2016 as EU migration falls

A fall in the level of migration from the European Union has meant that many more jobs have been filled by Brits since 2016. Lower migration means greater opportunities for British workers and employers being forced to raise wages as well.

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As the Employment Minister, Alok Sharma, has explained: “While EU nationals accounted for almost half (over 45%) of the UK’s growth in employment between 2014 and 2016, since 2016 that has fallen to 5%.

“Yet since the referendum there have been over one million more people in work in the UK, up to a record 32.7 million in February 2019.

“Employers are clearly already adjusting to lower immigration from the EU, and it is UK workers who have filled in the gaps – accounting for around nine in ten of new people in work since 2016, compared to half of the people entering work in the two years before.”

Wage growth in Britain has been at its fastest pace since 2008, whilst the number of EU migrants working recently fell. Average weekly earnings in November 2018 grew by 3.4%, the largest rise since July 2008.

The Office for National Statistics recently recorded a 132,000 annual decrease in the number of EU nationals working in the UK, the largest annual fall on record.

Net migration from the EU recently dropped to its lowest level since 2009, 57,000 people in twelve months to September 2018.

Looking forward to when the UK is outside of the EU and control its borders this means even greater opportunities, Sharma explains:  “When we leave the EU, and end the freedom of movement of EU workers, far from presenting a challenge to fill vacancies – employers should seize an opportunity.

“Its UK workers who have driven this record jobs market, and UK workers who can help maintain it.”

The government must take back control of our borders and slash unskilled migration. Uncontrolled, mass migration must end.