Project Fear: Bank of England's Carney warns of No Deal Brexit 'crash'

Oh yes, they’re at it again: this time the Bank of England Governor Mark Carney has reportedly told the Cabinet that leaving the EU without a deal could mean house prices falling by 35% in three years.

He also apparently forecasted a potential spike in unemployment and transport links to the EU stalling – all equating to something resembling the 2008 financial crash. Plagues of locusts as well no doubt?

Of course The Guardian have dutifully whipped up this latest round of Project Fear, just as they did before the referendum when George Osborne made the farcical prediction of an 18% hit on house prices if Britain voted to Leave.

Nigel Farage responded by reminding people that the government had just extended Mark Carney’s stay at at the Bank of England until January 2020, with Chancellor Philip Hammond no doubt a fan.

Conservative MP Nigel Evans questioned why the country has to put up with more Project Fear “drivel” for years to come.

There were other reports that Sajid Javid and Matt Hancock took Carney to task over his doomsday view.

All of the dire, totally inaccurate warnings about a Leave vote are now being made all over again. Keep calm and deliver Brexit.

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