Pro-Frexit MEP registers 'yellow jackets' for European Elections

An anti-EU French MEP who has written a book in favour of a ‘Frexit’ has registered ‘Yellow Vests’ for this year’s European Elections.

The country saw nationwide protests from those initially opposed to unpopular French President Emmanuel Macron’s plans for fuel tax, though they escalated to reflect deep discontent with the government in general, who eventually backed down on their original tax plans.

And now Florian Philipott, who has been consistently supportive of the Yellow Vest movement, has registered the name and intends to run it alongside a joint ticket with his party, The Patriots.

He confirmed to l’Opinion that: “We aim to build a hybrid list, half Patriotes half-yellow Vests.”

Making clear his support for the protest movement, he also said: “I encourage our elected officials and our members to support the movement from the beginning, they are not militants disguised as yellow vests.”

With Euroscepticism spreading across the whole of Europe, it will be interesting to see what happens with this.

One thing appears increasingly certain though: as the UK leaves the European Union, a record number of Eurosceptic MEPs are set to be voted into the EU Parliament.