Pro-EU Lords vote for Customs Union amendment

Unelected pro-EU Peers in the House of Lords have once again sought to interfere with Brexit, voting for an amendment last night that calls for the UK to negotiate a Customs Union with the European Union.

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Despite this having been ruled out by Prime Minister Theresa May, the out of control Lords are yet again seeking to hook the UK to the EU as closely as possible.

A Customs Union arrangement would kill off an independent UK trade policy, one of the promises made by Leave campaigners during the Brexit referendum.

But the Lords have ignored that and backed an amendment to the Trade Bill that calls for the UK to be in an EU Customs Union as part of any deal with Brussels.

Though MPs can overturn this ridiculous vote, with a Remainer Parliament and MPs now openly ignoring the referendum vote, who know if that will even happen.

The vote passed by 207 to 141, a majority of 66. This included tan absurdly high 75 Liberal Democrat Lords, plus former EU Commissioners such Lord Mandelson and Lord Kinnock.

Disgracefully, even 8 Conservative Peers voted for an EU Customs Union, in total contradiction to their own party’s stance.

Once again it demonstrates the huge detachment between the public and the political class. The House of Lords is now well passed its sell-by date. Time to abolish the unelected chamber.

Brexit is under attack by the pro-EU establishment. Please consider supporting Westmonster as we fight for the pro-Leave majority.