Pro-EU Italian President vetoes anti-Euro Economy Minister

There was huge drama in Italy overnight, after pro-EU Italian President Sergio Mattarella rejected the Five Star Movement and Lega’s choice for Economy Minister, despite those parties having a mandate from the people in the General Election vote.

The outrageous move saw Mattarella block the appointment of the fiercely Eurosceptic Paolo Savona. As Westmonster has previously reported, he has described the Euro as a ‘German prison’ and been outspoken about the need for a ‘Plan B’ to exit the Euro.

Italy’s President is now set to invite another pro-EU puppet, former IMF official Carlo Cottarelli, seemingly now form a government.

This disgraceful episode has predictably sparked uproar, with Five Star calling for Mattarella to be impeached.

Whilst Lega’s Matteo Salvini has tore into the establishment and demanded fresh elections.

It shows yet again how democracy is trampled on by the EU elite at will. Another election in Italy is now set to follow.

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That could well now essentially be a referendum on the Euro.

The European Union is falling apart.