Post-Chequers poll: Tories down 2, UKIP up 2

Not huge numbers but an interesting development in the latest YouGov poll: the Tories dropping 2 points and UKIP up 2.

That takes UKIP up to 5% – they generally haven’t been polling at that level for a while now. By comparison, the LibDems are only on 9%.

Broken down, 7% of Tory voters in 2017 are now backing UKIP, as are 11% of Leave voters.

The poll was been carried out 8th – 9th July, after Friday’s Chequers capitulation.

Tory MPs should consider the fact that only 22% of Leave voters regard May’s new plan as being faithful to the referendum result.

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And Nigel Farage has warned that he could return as UKIP Leader…