Population of England set to rise by 3.2million in 10 years, London by 774,000

The latest set of data from the Office for National Statistics shows the population of England is set to rise by 3.2million by mid-2026.

As you would expect, migration plays a huge role in that population surge. In fact, in the North East of England, out of a projected population growth of 50,000, 44,000 is down to international migration.

The report states: “London is the region with the highest projected level of net international migration over the 10 years to mid-2026. However, it also has a high net within UK migration outflow. These more or less offset each other, meaning that the overall impact of migration on the population is very small and most of London’s projected growth results from natural change. This contrasts with the North East, where natural change is small and most growth results from migration.”

England’s population is set to soar from 55,268,000 in mid-2016 to 58,506,000 in mid-2026, an increase of 5.9%

London’s population is set to surge by 774,000, 8.8% in just 10 years.

Tower Hamlets is projected to be the fastest growing local authority in England, with population set to increase by 17.8% between 2016 and 2026.

This all means more pressure on infrastructure; hospitals, schools, etc… and it will only go to further the already crippling housing crisis.

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The only way to stop that is to reduce net migration, but the government seems intent on sleepwalking into disaster.