POLL: Big support for Brexit

Liberal Democrat Remoaner Tim Farron constantly calls for a second EU referendum, hoping that public opinion has shifted away from national independence and towards pathetic submission to the European Union.

But recent polling reveals just how delusional he is, as the latest stats from Opinium show that 52% of the public recognise that Brexit was the right decision with only 38% believing it was the wrong choice for Britain – a much bigger margin than in June’s referendum.

Support could be even higher given the strong bias against Brexit that existed in pre-referendum polling. Opinium were one of the few pollsters to predict a Leave win but even they underestimated the power of Brexit – forecasting a 1% lead rather than the 4% victory that eventually took place.

14% of Remainers now see Brexit as the right decision for the United Kingdom, while only 3% of Brexiteers have changed their mind. Isn’t it interesting how the facts don’t line up with the ‘Bregret’ narrative peddled by the media following June’s referendum?