Politicians look to ban Belgium's 'Islamic Party'

Belgian lawmakers are looking at ways they can ban the controversial Islamic Party as fears grow they could gain seats in the countries migrant-dominated ‘no-go zones’.

The party, which openly state they want an Islamic State in Belgium, will stand in 28 municipalities in the local elections in October.

“Our goal is a one hundred percent Islamic state,” Party Leader Redouane Ahrouch told Belgian media.

The party also wants to overturn the countries’ ban on wearing Islamic veils and segregate buses by sex.

They also want to change the law so that all schools would be forced to offer Halal food.

Belgium’s Asylum and Migration Minister, Theo Francken, slammed the party, saying: “Women do not have rights in their shariah world. And it starts with separate public transport. I am disgusted by this ISLAM party…This is not Europe, this is spitting on Europe.”

Ahrouch, who won’t shake hands with women or be sat next to one on TV interviews, said it was inconceivable that a woman would ever be allowed to stand for the party.

Lawmakers have now announced initiatives which would ban the party and prevent it from campaigning heavily in the final days.

Mons City Councilor Georges-Louis Bouchez put forward a motion over the weekend which would forbid the party to hold meetings.

“I have been calling for a ban on extremist parties for a long time,” said former Deputy Prime Minister Laurette Onkelinx.

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“I am in favour of a strict policy against parties that do not respect our fundamental values.”

She also tweeted that the party “sweeps away our constitutional principles including gender equality. On this subject too, there is no half measure to take. You have to hit hard. We must act quickly to find a consensus for a law to counter liberticidal parties.”

Welcome to Europe, 2018.