Polish PM: EU’s Tusk is ‘using his position to attack Polish government’

Poland’s Prime Minister Beata Szydło has hit out at the EU’s Donald Tusk, saying that he is abusing his position in order to score political points over the ruling Law and Justice government.

Szydło accuses Tusk, a former Prime Minister himself, of “using his position (as President of the European Council) to attack the Polish government”.

“He is attacking Poland,” she added.

Over the Weekend, Tusk had tweeted to accuse PiS of following “a Kremlin plan” over its “isolation within the European Union” – a reference to their changes to the judicial law and refusal to take in a quota of asylum seekers.

Szydło tweeted in Polish that Tusk has “done nothing for Poland” in his role as President of the European Council.

While Westmonster was on his travels earlier this year, he noted the distinct anti-Tusk mood in the country.

One newspaper claimed that Tusk was sucking up to the European elite to bolster his bid to become EU President in 2020.

On Sunday, Polish Foreign Minister Witold Waszczykowski described Tusk’s post as “a desperate scream of frustration”.

Tusk “has been unable to carve out an active role in European politics for himself, so he is trying to plunge back into Polish politics, to meddle and intervene in Polish politics,” he told the PAP news agency.

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