Polish PM: Brussels elite are out of touch

Poland’s Prime Minister, Beata Szydło, has hit out at Eurocrats in Brussels, branding them ‘out of touch’ with ordinary Europeans.

Speaking to the Financial Times, Szydło says: “People in Europe feel more and more that the elites in Brussels are no longer in touch with the problems that they should be concerned about – such as the safety of the citizens of the EU, the labour situation, and increasing employment and improving wages.”

She added: “They are more and more focused on the bureaucracy, and on the red tape that they have themselves created… This leads to crisis, and… we should discuss these matters especially now after the UK decided to leave the EU.”

The FT states that the conservative Law and Justice (PiS) party’s landslide victory in October 2015 “paved the way to power for a party bent on representing Polish interests more assertively abroad and heralded a broader rebellion against the EU goal of ‘ever closer union’ that has had echoes in elections from the UK to the Czech Republic.”

Comparing her government to a football team, Szydło says that they “have been successful in the first half.”

“We are winning,” she states.