Polish government will block EU sanctions against Orban's Hungary

The European Union’s attempts to bully the Hungarian government are being fiercely opposed by the Polish government.

MEPs in the European Parliament voted to trigger Article 7 against Hungary, due to the threat to so-called ‘EU values’ that Viktor Orban’s government are taking.

Prime Minister Orban has been fiercely critical of those seeking to assist illegal migration as well as pro-open borders billionaire George Soros.

As Nigel Farage told Orban: “They want to strip you of your voting rights, they want to stop giving you European funding and all of it because you have the audacity to stand up to George Soros.”

And the Polish Foreign Ministry have now said: “Every country has its sovereign right to make internal reforms it deems appropriate.

They have also made clear that “actions aimed against member states serve only deepening divides in the EU, increasing citizens’ current lack of confidence to European institutions.”

The EU is becoming increasingly fractured as Brussels seek to stop  nationalist governments from implementing policy platforms the public voted for. Who will be the first to join the Brexit club and follow the UK’s exit from the EU?