Police warning kids as young as 14 they are at risk of being murdered

Kids as young as 14 are being told by the police they are at risk of being murdered or seriously injured, according to a Channel 4 investigation.

The ‘threat to life notices’ issued by police has risen by almost 160% in the last two years, taking the total to 166 in London last year alone.

Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire and South Yorkshire Police have also witnessed increases between 100% and 150%.

Earlier this year, Police Sergeant Carroll Weeden said that knives have become a “normalised accessory” for young people. 

Weeden, who was stabbed while on duty in Hackney, told ITV: “When I worked in youth justice, we used to do cognitive behavioural therapy with young people to encourage them to think before they act, but with knife crime there’s no thinking – it’s become a normalised accessory.”

When will our politicians get a grip and so something about this crime epidemic?