Police, Tory establishment lose the plot over Boris burka comments

The politically correct establishment in Britain have utterly lost the plot over a Boris Johnson article that said it was “absolutely ridiculous that people should choose to go around looking like letter boxes”.

In a ludicrous reaction, London Met Commissioner Cressida Dick seemingly asked her ‘hate crime experts’ to look into Boris Johnson’s criticism of the burka, with a preliminary assessment finding that his comments ‘didn’t reach the bar for a criminal offence’. Well yeah, obviously.

On top of that, the Conservative Party will now formally investigate Boris over his comments to see if he breached the party’s code of conduct.

This is all insane. Boris didn’t even call for the burka to be banned – which is backed by around 60% of Brits – and yet the police and Tory establishment are weighing in.

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The absolute state of modern Britain when it comes to PC bullshit.