Police raid Chinese restaurant in 'modern slavery' crackdown

Police have raided a Chinese restaurant in Wolverhampton in an anti-slavery operation.

Officers moved in on the Ming Moon restaurant at 8am this morning and removed five men believed to have been working as modern slaves.

The men, thought to be from Slovakia and Romania, were taken from “cramped and unsuitable” conditions and were led away to a waiting minibus.

12 suspected slavery victims were also found in Coventry and three at an address in Anthrobus Road, Handsworth, according to police.

At the latter address, a 49-year-old man and woman aged 45, both Slovakian, were arrested on suspicion of slavery offences.

A police spokesman said: “There are five people here today who we believe may be victims of slavery. It’s the very early stages at the moment and we’re just in the process of speaking to them.

“We have worked with our partner agencies including Hope for Justice and the Salvation Army to source intelligence into what has been happening here, which has resulted in the raid today.

“This operation is part of a wider investigation by West Midlands Police into human trafficking and slave labour.”

Westmonster has previously reported on the growing epidemic of modern day slavery in Britain, all facilitated by the EU’s open borders. Will Kerr, Director at the National Crime Agency, said: “Where you can move more freely…there will be gangs who will look to get involved in that process.” He also confirmed that freedom of movement was “definitely a factor”.

“We can’t put a figure on it but we can say there are tens of thousands of victims across the UK,” he added.

It’s a disgrace that vulnerable people are being exploited like this. Westmonster wonders if open borders loons will acknowledge that free movement has its dark side and more needs to be done to tackle it…