Police numbers slashed, number of people charged with violent crimes plummets

The obvious consequence of slashing police numbers is that there are less people to catch criminals – that’s why more and more people are walking round the street with knives and guns, and fewer criminals are being brought to justice.

New figures from the Commons Library reveal the shocking decrease in the number of charges brought against criminals responsible for violent crimes:

  • The proportion of homicides — whether murder or manslaughter — that led to charges fell from 92% to 56%
  • The number of firearm offences that went to court halved to 36%
  • Robberies resulting in charges fell from 93% to 13%

Since Theresa May became Home Secretary in 2010, the number of police officers has dropped by 21,500.

The police budget has been cut by £413m as well.

There is a dangerous dereliction of duty going on here – the government isn’t protecting the public and criminals are running riot.

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