Police looking into allegations relating to Peterborough by-election

Cambridgeshire Police have confirmed that they are now looking into five allegations relating to the Peterborough by-election.

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There has been some speculation relating to the by-election, including the degree of involvement from Labour activist Tariq Mahmood who previously received a prison sentence for postal vote interference.

Labour deny he was involved in the campaign, though he was pictured with Labour Leader Jeremy Corbyn and their by-election candidate Lisa Forbes who beat the Brexit Party’s Mike Greene by just 683 votes.

Conservative Councillor Wayne Fitzgerald has told the Peterborough Telegraph that: “I have grave concerns over postal vote harvesting within certain sections of the community, particularly focused on the urban city wards of Park, Central, North and East.

“We know it goes on with reports of it happening in Asian communities with people coerced.

“My view is postal votes should be scrapped entirely unless you are physically impaired.”

A Spokeswoman for Cambridgeshire Police has now said: “We are looking into five allegations relating to the by-election and whether any offences have been committed.

“These break down into bribery and corruption x1, postal votes x3 and breach of the privacy of votes x1.”