Police hit back after Abbott speaks out against cops ramming suspects

With violent crime surging and scumbags using mopeds to rob people, the police have started to get tough and ram suspects instead of pussyfooting around. Good.

So far this year the police have used the tactic 63 times in an effort to combat rampant levels of crime.

Labour’s would-be Home Secretary, Diane Abbott, has a problem with it however. She tweeted in response: “Knocking people off bikes is potentially very dangerous. It shouldn’t be legal for anyone. Police are not above the law.”

This has provoked a big backlash from the public and police, with Camden Police tweeting: “Someone who’s responsible for law-making (or at least debating and ratifying new legislation) should probably realise that using tactical contact to terminate dangerous pursuits is entirely within our lawful power… And our responsibility.”

The Waltham Forest force tweeted meanwhile: “To mitigate risk to the public & also offenders, we use a range of tactics including tactical contact. There has been a significant reduction in motorcycle & scooter crime with a decrease of 10,974 offences to date this year in comparison to 2017.”

And there were thousands of other tweets criticising her for being soft on crime as well.

Vote Labour to go even softer on crime…