Police have lost track of 485 sex offenders including rapists and paedophiles

Sky News have revealed that 485 registered sex offenders across the country have gone missing.

The list, including paedophiles and rapists, also contains a number of dangerous individuals who have been missing for at least a decade, meaning they’ve been freely allowed to roam the streets.

Duncan Craig, a survivor of sexual abuse, told Sky: “Victims deserve the right to know that those that have committed these crimes against them are being dealt with correctly and managed properly.

“We can’t keep going for the same rhetoric because we won’t get anywhere if we do.”

Victim Support worker Alex Mayes said the figures “will potentially be very alarming to victims of sexual offences and could undermine public confidence in the criminal justice system”.

According to a MOJ report from last year, there are a total of 55,236 sex offenders living in England and Wales.

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Something is badly wrong with the UK’s criminal justice system.