Police Federation Chairman: Build more prisons, give harsher sentences

The National Chairman of the Police Federation has spoken out in favour of building more prisons and giving out proper sentences for criminals as a deterrent. A rare dose of common sense in a law and order debate that is now dominated by soppy sentiments that have led to a rise in violent crime.

John Apter, a serving police officer of 26 years, told TalkRadio this morning that “police officers want to get these people locked up”.

It comes after yet more damning crime figures yesterday showed a further 14% rise in homicides, with robbery up 17% and a 15% increase in the number of admissions to hospitals in England for assaults involving a sharp instrument. Things are sadly getting worse because many thugs no longer fear the consequences of their criminality.

Apter called for a “complete re-calibration” of what police officers do, pointed out that sadly society has become “more accepting of violent crime in some parts” whilst calling for “much harsher sentencing powers” and a move to “build more prisons, we need to punish people”.

Why do we now never hear politicians calling for a tougher approach on crime? The country has gone soft and crime is increasing as a result.