Poland's push back: EU is meddling too much in Polish matters

The BBC report has produced a wonderfully slanted report about the ruling Polish party and its supporters, though it does show a growing EU push back from the Polish people.

Newsnight’s report basically hints at the ruling Law and Justice Party, which is polling at around 50% popularity by the way, of being some sort of hardline fringe group

Unfortunately for the BBC, it’s gone down like a fart in a lift with its viewers, just have a look how many dislikes there are. Oh, and in a documentary accusing the Polish government of censorship, comments have been disabled on the YouTube video. Nice.

The video did highlight Poland’s growing Euroscepticism however, with one interviewee saying: “The EU is meddling too much in Polish matters. Poland is a sovereign country. We can deal with our own issues.”

And another man said: “As far as the EU goes, we imagined differently. I was at the march to celebrate Polish Independence Day. European Commission Vice President Timmermans said 60,000 fascists just marched. That means they called me a fascist. I will not have it. I don’t feel like a fascist. My grandfather died in Auschwitz during the Second World War I will not allow anyone to make a fascist out of me.”

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