Plot to replace May with Brexiteer David Davis

David Davis is launching a plot to depose Theresa May as Prime Minister and install himself as leader, according to The Sun.

Davis has allegedly met with several young, newly elected, high-flying MPs to discuss booting out May and taking over the Premiership for a few years before handing it over to one of the young bucks.

According to reports, some of the MPs Davis met with include Tom Tugendhat, James Cleverly and Gillian Keegan.

One unnamed MP said: “Theresa has the smell of death around her. She’ll be gone by Christmas. It’s time to rally around DD.”

It’s definitely time for May to go. She’s making a total mess of Brexit and, well, pretty much everything she comes into contact with. She’s allowed Britain to be pushed around in Brexit negotiations and marginalised Davis throughout. She’s a shambles and she’s dragging Britain down with her. Time to go.