Philippot: Brexit is a wonderful opportunity - Frexit will be even better

Florian Philippot is a French MEP and President of Les Patriotes.

A few weeks before Brexit, ‘Project Fear’ is at its highest. It is no surprise: the fake May deal has been rejected and only fear can now stop Brexit.

The risk is real because the fear is real. Oh yes, there is a fear. But what is it? They say Brexit will cause chaos and ruin. They lie. That’s not what they really fear. They shudder because they know the whole world – and all the people in Europe – will soon see you can leave the European Union and live on, and even live better. Nothing could worry more the Eurocrats.

They are willing to sacrifice trade, businesses, whole economic sectors, even people to save their European dream. They don’t care if their dream is a horrible nightmare for most. They don’t care if they destroy lives in a vain attempt to save the illusion. They don’t care if they use blackmail, intimidation, or fake news to scare. They are fanatics. Whatever power they have, they use it to serve the EU and not the people. This is literally anti-democratic. That’s why I fear them, not Brexit.

But my fear is overcome by a great hope and the trust I have in the British people. Solutions will be found, agreements will be made where they are needed. No one will let their own business go down when they can save it. The Eurocrats will be furious but common sense shall prevail. It is impossible to deal anything decent with the European Union, it will be easy and quick between States or between firms because common interests make them pragmatic.

In France, the “Gilets jaunes” (Yellow Vests) have just shown the strength of the people. In the United Kingdom, I know the people is as strong and resilient. They have chosen freedom and they will make a success of Brexit.

I want the same freedom for my own people. Almost every French politician is resigned to stay in the European Union. Even Marine Le Pen and the Front National have lost the will to defend national sovereignty and submitted to the requirements of the system.

I launched a new political movement, Les Patriotes, in 2017 in order to fight on, because I can not bring myself to give up the freedom of my country. We have a 40 years old ‘Project Fear’ to fight. It is not simple. It is not the easy way. But it is the right one. I will never deny my most intimate conviction in order to please the establishment.

Every day, I see how the single currency we share with Germany and other countries is destroying French industry. Every day, I see how my compatriots are suffering because of the austerity and the European rules. There is no European debate here. Politicians just say some things in Europe are dysfunctional and they propose to change the EU. I can’t bear anymore their false pretences of another Europe. There isn’t another Europe. Neither David Cameron nor Theresa May could obtain anything significant. The EU doesn’t give anything. It takes it all. You have to submit – or to leave.

When I look at history, I can see that no one has been able to change Europe. Even de Gaulle – whom I admire greatly – couldn’t change the little EEC in 1961. In the big EU with its 27 members, any promise of change is a pure lie.

Since 1979, all campaigns for the European Elections are absolutely identical. Some speak of a mythic social Europe, others want a strong Europe able to stand up to the US, China, and Russia, others are focused on one single subject such as environment or immigration. It’s a very bad play, with the same roles, the same text, and even sometimes the same actors, on stage for forty years. We have to break with this travesty of democracy.

My hope for the future is that our two peoples will help each other. The British are the first one to take back control and freedom, I think the French could be next. President Macron himself said to the BBC he believed the French could vote for the Frexit if they had the chance. And, of course, he doesn’t want to ask them, he doesn’t want a serious debate.

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In France, every talk about Europe is but hollow words without ever tackling the basic issues. The French just need some politicians brave enough to speak the truth. People are angry, they know things could be different and should be different. When they will see a way out, their anger will turn into a promising project. To fight 40 years of European propaganda, only reality can be efficient. Brexit will be a success and it will give courage and strength to all the people still locked in the European shackles. It’s no surprise the Eurocrats are living in fear!

And then, we will work together. Freed from the absurd red tape of the European administration, the British and the French will do great things. We already cooperate in the field of defence, space, energy, etc. We don’t need the EU and it would be foolish to let down these projects because of Brexit.

Brexit is a wonderful opportunity for the United Kingdom but I think Frexit will be even better for France. We are suffering from the Schengen agreements and the effects of the Euro, a currency unsuited to our economy. Our society is hit by mass unemployment, due in great part to the Posted Workers Directive and offshoring.

Our democracy is in shambles because the ones who really decide are not elected and the elected ones are but hot air merchants. We need Frexit as soon as possible and I won’t have a moment’s rest until my country is free again.

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