Peter Rabbit Scandal: Fake animal throws fake blackberries, people get offended

There are calls to boycott the Peter Rabbit film because people with food allergies have been offended. That’s right – it’s 2018 and people are being offended by animated rabbits.

Apparently there’s a scene in the film that shows fake animals throwing blackberries at someone, knowing that they are allergic to them.

And so now nobody should see this film because it’s the cinematic equivalent of the Black Death, but you didn’t need Westmonster to tell you that.

Sony’s apologised, of course, saying it should “not have made light of Mr. McGregor being allergic to blackberries”.

If people stopped being offended about fluffy animated film characters getting up to mischief in a fantasy farmer’s field and devoted that time to, I don’t know, politely asking the government not to allow returning ISIS fighters back into Britain, or getting Sadiq Khan to tackle knife crime, or just anything else frankly, then the world would be a better place.