Peston: Tory Brexiteers 'running operation to oust May'

ITV’s Robert Peston has claimed that there is an “operation” underway to oust Theresa May as Prime Minister.

One Tory Brexiteer MP told him: “I’m campaigning myself. We need 60-70 letters, not 48…I know people who are putting letters in today. I think we are the closest ever to her going and I think, thank God, this could be it”.

48 letters would see a no confidence vote in May, with Peston himself describing the week ahead as “maximum vulnerability for the PM” – though he says a big weakness for the Brexiteers is a lack of figurehead for MPs to rally behind as an alternative.

David Davis has been touted as an interim PM – but some are said to dislike him.

It feels as though something has to give. Either Brexiteers will challenge the Prime Minister – or they will stand by as she continues on down her Chequers path.