'Permanent EU colony' Boris trashes May Brexit plan

Brexiteer Boris Johnson has laid into Theresa May’s new ‘backstop’ surrender plan, saying that it would make the United Kingdom “a permanent EU colony”.

In a series of hard-hitting tweets sent out last night, Boris said: “This is an important moment. Clearly No10 are negotiating a ‘backstop’ that makes the UK a permanent EU colony.

“We cannot escape EU laws & ECJ until they allow us to – which they may never do. That’s not what the biggest majority in our history voted for #NoColonyStatus.

“This backstop keeps the UK in the Customs Union, keeps Northern Ireland in the single market, and almost certainly enhances NI/GB checks. It *will* apply after 2020 unless the EU agrees it won’t. And they will only agree if we keep our rules in lockstep with theirs.

“This backstop closes off our options. It means we cannot have No Deal/WTO or SuperCanada. Under either our rules could differ from the EU’s – so they will keep us in the backstop instead. It means, in fact, that the only possible deal is Chequers.

“This is far from #TakeBackControl. In the referendum both sides said Leave meant leaving the Customs Union & Single Market. Yet this backstop inevitably means chequers, staying in both, no say in either, and no right to escape. No10 must #ChuckChequers now.”

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A truly damning indictment. Is Theresa May really going to rile Tory Brexiteers and rely on Labour MPs to ram her plan through? It would be a total calamity leaving Leave voters betrayed.