People smuggler: ISIS fanatics flooding into Turkey

Warped ISIS jihadis are being driven out of Syria and are flooding into Turkey, according to the very people smuggling them onto Europe’s doorstep.

People smugglers are claiming business is booming due to ISIS’ capitulation in Syria, with one telling the BBC: “In the past couple of weeks, we’ve had lots of families leaving Raqqa and wanting to leave for Turkey. This week alone, I personally oversaw the smuggling of 20 families.”

He claims to be charging £460-per-person.

The Turkish government arrested 111 people believed to be ISIS fanatics in the country’s capital, Ankara, last week. And it issued warrants to search around 245 other properties too.

This is very dangerous for Europe as, if these people manage to cross the border into the EU then free movement of people means they could end up wreaking havoc on the continent. Only strong borders will stop this.