Patel: Tories could throw away next election if we carry on with Chequers

Priti Patel has launched a scathing attack on the Chequers plan, saying there could be a “crisis of democracy” if the PM continues on this path.

Writing in The Sun, Patel dismissed the plan as “dancing the hockey-cokey with the Customs Union and Single Market, which means restricting our freedom for new free trade agreements.”

She continued: “The Conservative Party could throw away hard-won gains in pro-Leave constituencies across the North-East and Midlands if we continue to compromise on the referendum -and conceded ground to Brussels.

“Across Europe we have seen political parties and governments do exactly that and the result is a wave of terrifying extreme forms of nationalism and populism.”

Patel joins a growing group of Tory MPs and activists who are opposed to the Prime Minister’s Brexit plan, for example, David Davis and Jacob Rees-Mogg both praised a No Deal option as being good for the UK.

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