Patel: No self-respecting nation would accept May's EU deal

Conservative Brexiteer Priti Patel has described Theresa May’s proposed EU deal as a ‘surrender’ and confirmed that she will vote against it in Parliament. Good to see another solid Leave MP standing her ground.

In a statement released on her website, Patel forensically takes apart the EU Withdrawal Agreement on everything from “effectively giving the EU a veto over our foreign policy” to “no control over our borders with the EU’s free movement rules still applying”.

On top of that, Patel points out that “the Withdrawal Agreement provides the Court of Justice of the EU with the powers to continue to determine our laws even beyond the transition period”.

She rightly concludes: “Under the Agreement, Britain surrenders its freedom, sovereignty and place in world and will be firmly under the control of the EU. This is not what the country voted for and it is not in our nation’s best interests.

“The British people voted in 2016 for the UK to take back control of our borders, money and laws. They chose a bright future as a free, independent and sovereign country. But this Agreement lets the EU carrying on controlling our borders, money and laws for many years to come.

“Our destiny will not be in our hands and the EU will be the authors of our future. No self-respecting nation would accept the terms of this Withdrawal Agreement. I cannot support the Withdrawal Agreement and will be voting against it.”

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No self-respecting Brexiteer can back this path to becoming a vassal state.