Patel: Government "denying Britain and the British people their ultimate freedom"

Priti Patel has today accused the government of “denying Britain and the British people their ultimate freedom”.

In a scathing attack for the Sunday Express, the former Secretary of State for International Development says “there has not been a red line in the Government’s stated negotiating position that has not been crossed”. She calls for prime minister Theresa May “to scrap this damaging proposal” and to grasp the opportunities that present themselves with a true Brexit.

Theresa May’s unwanted Chequers plan took yet another hit this weekend as Brussels rejected her latest proposal to install an “independent mechanism” to oversee how Britain may leave a temporary customs arrangement should negotiations collapse. One Whitehall source told the Sunday Times “the EU has just turned off the oxygen” for a Chequers plan on life support.

Priti Patel and her fellow Brexiteers must surely now act to prevent this Brexit sell-out and ensure that Britain, as she herself says, “embraces new economic and political freedoms and leave the bullying tactics of the EU negotiators behind us.”