Paris: No-go zone app launched

An app has been launched by a group of Parisians which sends out live alerts regarding crimes such as violence or sexual assaults in notorious no-go zones.

The app’s description on the Google Play store says: “Whether you are staying in an unknown location, looking for a safe place to live, on your way to a specific location then No-Go Zone allows you to reduce any risk of aggression, theft, harassment or incivility.”

The app lets you know how close you are to danger spots and what to look out for – such as pickpockets near the Eiffel Tower.

Users can also receive live updates of reports filed by other users over the previous days and weeks relating to incidents of aggression and sexual harassment:

One Parisian user of the app said in a review: “Given the current degradation, it is better to have this app…unfortunately ”

“It is an indispensable application for anyone who thinks that the cultural “enrichment” of non-natives is not compatible with our way of life,” says another.

How long will it be before tech boffins have to create apps like this to warn users about no-go zones in Britain?