Oxford Labour Muslim Network lead charge to no-platform AfD Leader at Uni

A group of students at Oxford University have called on the leader of Germany’s largest opposition party to be no-platformed from speaking at the Oxford Union.

The Oxford Labour Muslim Network organised a letter signed by students, professors and alumni to block Alice Weidel, leader of the anti-mass migration German party, from speaking.

The snowflake letter asks for the Union “to show duty of care and respect for Oxford’s diverse communities”  by shutting down the talk.

The letter goes on to claim: “Platforming hate speech must not be conflated with freedom of speech,” which they describe as a “political fig leaf”.

However, a spokesperson from the Oxford Union wasn’t backing down, and said: “Alice Weidel is the leader of the largest opposition party in the German Parliament. After Dr Weidel’s speech in the Union’s debating Chamber, members will be welcome to ask her questions, and challenge her views if they wish.”

In the last German election, the AfD won over 90 seats in the Bundestag and recently gained seats in every single German state Parliament.

Clearly these snowflakes can’t handle anyone with opposing views.