Over 80% of UK population increase due to immigration, according to report

A new report has laid out how 82% of Britain’s population increase in recent years is due to immigration.

That’s according to Migration Watch, show say that the rise of 6.6 million in the UK between 2000 and 2016 is due to migrants coming to Britain, their children and subsequent children born in the UK.

That means around 5.4 million of the 6.6 million increase in 16 years is due to migration.

The Chairman of Migration Watch, Lord Green, said: “The government has been remarkably coy about the true impact of immigration on our public services over the past 16 years.

“It is almost as if officialdom has preferred to avoid the issue if they possibly can. As a result, very few people realise that over 80% of our population increase in recent years has been due to immigration.”

Britain recently saw the largest annual population increase for 70 years, 538,000, with 62% of this being due to net migration.

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