Over 80% of Dutch voters concerned by immigration and refugee policy

Identity, social cohesion and immigration are the top concerns for Dutch voters just as they are across much of Europe now.

Over 80% of Dutch voters are concerned about immigration and refugees according to new research, with 86% worried about the erosion of Dutch values and 50% regard ‘non-western’ migrants to be a threat to Dutch values as well.

These are stark numbers that expose the mess the establishment have made of migration. It appears that not only are voters in Europe hardening their position against mass migration, they increasingly see it as an outright threat to their own way of life and national identity.

Will the Dutch establishment wake up and address these issues or leave Geert Wilders to romp to victory in the upcoming elections?

One way or another, there’s only one way to fix the Dutch migration system: Nexit out of the EU and end freedom of movement.