Over 100 Tory MPs sign letter demanding end of 'witch hunt' of military veterans

A third of Conservative MPs have signed a letter urging Theresa May to protect veterans legally to stop them from being prosecuted for crimes years that allegedly occurred decades ago.

The letter was delivered to Downing Street and was organised by former Minister Mark Francois, and says: “The Iraq Historic Allegations Team furore showed us how our judicial system can be abused and how it can damage our security services.

“The legacy of the Northern Ireland Troubles threatens to do just the same, and we believe it is time for the government to act comprehensively and put it all behind us.”

106 Tory MPs in total endorsed the letter, which continues: “It is blatantly obvious that the current process of investigating and reinvestigating veterans, for incidents which were all investigated at the time, is completely at odds with the government’s Manifesto commitments in the Armed Forces Covenant. We therefore believe that this situation simply cannot be allowed to continue as it is.”

The letter comes after Johnny Mercer slammed the government’s “international humiliation” over prosecuting British veterans.

MPs must stand up for our veterans!