Orbán tells Merkel: 5,000 migrants would enter Germany every day if Hungary didn't defend the border

Hungary’s Prime Minister, Viktor Orbán, has clashed with Angela Merkel over immigration policy, following a meeting between the pair in Berlin.

Speaking at a joint press conference, Merkel said: “We do protect our outer borders, but not with the goal of just walling ourselves off and talking about a kind of fortress.”

The Hungarian firebrand wasn’t in the mood for any of her virtue-signaling.

“If the help offered by Europe to migrants leads people in Africa and Asia to conclude that they can come, then they will come,” Orbán fired back.

“We have to be humane without creating a pull-factor, and the only way we know of doing that is closing the borders and taking help (to those countries), and not let in people who bring trouble.”

“We don’t want to import problems, that’s the difference in viewpoint between us.”

The pair also clashed on perceived lack of solidarity from Hungary.

Merkel said the difference between the pair is that Germany “wants to uphold Europe’s soul, if we want to play a role in the world with these values, then Europe can’t simply disengage.”

Orbán rebuked her, saying: “We consider it unfair that often we’re being accused of having a lack of solidarity in Germany.

“We have 8,000 guards stationed along the border 24 hours a day protecting a border that would let migrants into Germany if they passed it.

“If armed Hungarian guards did not protect the Hungarian/Serbia and Hungarian/Croatia borders, 4 – 5,000 migrants would come to Germany every single day.

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“This is solidarity and pretty good solidarity.”