Orbán pulls out of German-Hungarian forum after 26 years

Hungarian firebrand Viktor Orbán has pulled his government out of the annual Hungarian-German forum after 26 years, as the two countries relationship hits an all-time low.

The Magyar Nemzet newspaper reports that Orbán’s Fidesz government has become fed up of German criticism, specifically of their refusal to take in a quota of refugees, their anti-EU rhetoric and their war on billionaire George Soros.

Hungary pulling out of this long-running diplomatic forum is the latest episode in the long running feud between the two countries. German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, refused to meet with Orbán to mark the 25th anniversary of the “Good Neighbor Treaty”  which was signed by both countries in 1992 shortly after Hungary became a Republic.

She did, however, meet with the Prime Ministers of Slovakia and the Czech Republic to mark their signing of the treaties.

Orbán said earlier this year: “I can not remember a time that we in Hungary tried to tell the Germans what they should do.”

He said that despite disagreeing with Germany on many things, Hungary has always shown them respect.

“We ask the German politicians that they leave us alone…”

He has been a vocal critic of Merkel, specifically her immigration policy, which he says “will split Europe in two”.