Orban government: Hungarians should decide their future not Brussels

Hungary’s Cabinet Secretary, Csaba Dömötör, said the government wants Hungarians to decide on issues that define their future rather than “Brussels sneaking in legislation” through the back door.

He spoke about an EU proposal on creating an energy union would ban price-setting by the state which would mean Hungary would have to scrap its scheme to reduce utility bills for ordinary people.

He also outlined how the country’s security has been “gravely compromised” by a large number of illegal migrants who move about unrestricted in Europe, with some committing “brutal attacks”.

In his state of the nation address, Prime Minister Viktor Orban said he expected a rocky relationship with the EU, but laid down five key areas in which he would draw a red line, including;

  • Defending Hungary’s utility price cuts
  • Strengthening laws on border protection
  • Ensuring greater transparency for agencies funded from abroad
  • Ensuring Hungary’s right to keep its tax policy
  • Policies which support for job creation.

Dömötör also hit out at the politically active groups that received “non-transparent” funding from abroad. He said every Hungarian citizen had the right to know which organisations were operating in Hungary with foreign funding and how much money they received. “We must prevent any opaque foreign attempts aimed at gaining influence here,” he said.

He added: “We must prevent any opaque foreign attempts aimed at gaining influence here.”

It’s no wonder the elites hate the Orban government!