Only candidate for EU Commission President scrapes through by 9 votes

German Defence Minister Ursula von der Leyen has become the new EU Commission President.

She was the only candidate – and still only managed to get over the line by a pathetic 9 votes.

The vote went 383 to 327 in the European Parliament, with von der Leyen scraping past the minimum support from 374 MEPs that was required.

Nigel Farage had earlier pointed out the direction that the European Union will be heading in under her presidency. In 2011 von der Leyen famously said: “My goal is the United States of Europe, based on the model of the federal states of Switzerland, Germany or the US.”

She had also used a speech in the EU Parliament earlier in the day to talk up the possibility of a further delay to Brexit. Absurd.

Westmonster’s Michael Heaver, a Brexit Party MEP, exposed how EU-style ‘democracy’ works: a ballot paper with only one candidate on it.

The sooner the UK finally leaves, the better.