Only 32% of British public trust news media, according to new research

New research from the Pew Research Center has shown that only 32% of Brits trust the media, far lower than the numbers who trust the media in countries such as the Netherlands and Germany.

Whilst big numbers across Europe say that the news media is important, there are stark differences when it comes to the numbers of citizens trust the media.

Whilst 67% of those in Holland trust the news media, as do 64% in Germany and Sweden, only 32% of those in the UK said they trusted the news media. The numbers were lowest of all in Italy, with only 29% saying they trusted the media.

When it comes to the influence political views have when it comes to trust in the media, there are splits between those classed as having ‘populist’ views and those who don’t.

In the UK, only 26% of those with ‘populist’ views trust the media, compared to 43% of those with ‘non-populist’ views.

Germany has the starkest difference, with 47% of those  with ‘populist’ views trusting the media compared to 78% of those with ‘non-populist’ opinions.


The UK also has the most centralised media, with 48% naming the BBC as their main news source. By comparison in France the main news source is named by only 16%.

Some stark numbers. Social media has changed the game forever and the British are now more sceptical about the news media than most.

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