Only 18% of Remainers refuse to contemplate leaving EU, YouGov finds

Whilst the well-funded Loser’s Vote, anti-Brexit brigade continue to delude themselves, the country is moving on. The vast majority of Brits now accept that the UK will be leaving the European Union.

New polling by YouGov has analysed both Remain and Leave voters as to their current positions. They find that amongst Remain voters, the majority would now accept a so-called ‘soft’ Brexit or a deal with the European Union that resembled what Theresa May is currently seeking to renegotiate.

As YouGov themselves explain overall, “74% of Remain voters belong to a group that would countenance some form of Brexit”.

The numbers who refuse to contemplate Brexit at all have dwindled massively: “18% of Remain voters are members of Die Hard Remainers group who will accept nothing less than staying in the EU”.

Interestingly when it comes to Leave voters, the largest faction comprise of those who now demand a No Deal Brexit, which is also the most populous group amongst Conservative voters. That speaks volumes.

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The idea that there is a huge public mood against Brexit or for remaining in the EU is a complete fantasy. The people’s vote of 2016 must now be implemented, as the government promised.