Only 13 MPs vote in favour of second EU Referendum

This is a classic: MPs had a vote on a second EU referendum and only 13 MPs voted for it…

What makes it all the more special is the fact it really sticks it to the People’s Vote group – the motion even included the phrase ‘people’s vote’ – and 13 was all they could muster. That’s not even the size of a rugby team.

Maybe it didn’t come off because it was put forward by the political relic that is Sir Vince Cable.

He moved the motion, saying:  “I beg to move that this House believes that the government’s negotiations to leave the EU have not progressed to the satisfaction of the people of the UK, with polls indicating that 69% of the people now believe the exit process is going badly; calls on the government to engage in cross-party discussions with a view to establishing a government of national unity; and further believes that the people of the UK should have the final say on the UK’s relationship with the EU through a people’s vote on the deal.”

Rousing stuff, Sir Vince, it’s just a shame precisely 2% of the House of Commons could be bothered to back you up on it.

How much longer can these bitter losers keep harping on about a second referendum? There simply isn’t the public appetite for it.

As a rule, if the number of MPs who vote in favour of a motion could all fit onto the top deck of a bus with loads of room to spare, it’s dead in the water.