Obama slammed for ‘back of the queue’ comments

Barack Obama has been criticised for giving his infamous ‘back of the queue’ speech in the run-up to the Brexit vote by America’s former Ambassador to the EU.

Anthony Luzzatto Gardner said: “Well, some of the things… particularly the phrase he used about ‘back of the queue’ was something I thought was very poor. Very bad, very counter-productive.

“I was surprised he said it. I was very disappointed he said it. It was one of the few instances I can point to during my time that I was disappointed. I’m a huge fan of his but that was not good.

“I thought it was the right thing to speak up, by the way. And, you know, on the whole, I think it did sway voters, not as many as he thought, and I think our reasons were sound.

“And we also worried that without the UK’s intellectual contribution to the EU, the EU at 27 [countries] would be at risk of going in a direction that was more protectionist, more state-centric, and more and more dominated by Germany, which is not a healthy thing.”

The Leave camp has a lot to thank Obama for!